Plone Conference 2008
Open source CMS provider Plone kicked off Plone Conference 2008 today in Washington, D.C., with founders Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan presenting their annual State of Plone address. It's been a rough start for Plone Conference 2008. We swamped the network this morning, and it's been down ever since. I believe things are finally fixed, so I can officially start as your live blogger for Plone Conference 2008.Aside from the Wi-Fi issues, the conference has started out well. With no Wi-Fi, people were actually paying attention. Conference organizers Alex Clark and Matt Bowen greeted the crowd, and Jon Stahl did his now traditional "Stand up if you..." get-to-know-you exercise. We have attendees from all over the world, from as far as Australia and Japan. As a conference organizer, we wondered how many attendees we would have from other countries, and we have a great turn out from Europe. Plone Founders Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan got things started with their annual State of Plone address and officially unveiled the redesign of This isn't just a pretty makeover. They've upgraded to the latest version of Plone, and I believe changed hosts as well. We hope to see the new go live shortly after the conference. I may be biased, but it looks pretty darn sexy for a CMS. The Plone Foundation -- the group that keeps Plone alive -- is doing fundraising to help fund events like this conference and the upcoming World Plone Day on November 7. Many cities across the world will be participating, and I personally can't wait to hear about all the great talks that will be going on that day.