Polopoly Web CMS to Get Live Video Capabilities from Bambuser
Bambuser, a developer of live video technology, has entered into a partnership with Polopoly, a Web CMS vendor, to provide users with an integrated solution that will bring live mobile broadcasting technology and standard publishing technology together.The Polopoly CMS contains "cutting-edge" functionality. It offers live layout content management and a slew of other features, including search, user ratings of content, polls and more. Bambuser provides the ability for companies and individuals to communicate with an audio-visual broadcast by way of a mobile phone or webcam.

Bambuser and Polopoly Work Together

Polopoly will be extended by Bambuser with an element contained within the CMS, which is likely to be a module. Users will then be able to utilize the publishing features of Polopoly with the live video element. Things like meta-tagging, re-formatting and archiving will be available to the user from the start, and all these components will result in the ability to perform live web-based reporting with a level of stability and control. The Bambuser team is thrilled about its partnership with Polopoly: "We are gonna work together to make it even easier to broadcast and distribute live video with our magic tool and within the framework of the industry standard publishing system from Polopoly." The enablement of live video content within Web CMSs is going to continue as a trend, as the web experiences change and improvements in distribution methods and connection speeds take place. A beta version will be available for viewing at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, October 21-23, 2008.