Let's say you're a growing Microsoft Windows shop and your web presence has expanded to a point where maintenance has become a nightmare. You know you need a web content management system but your budget does not cover the cost of an enterprise CMS and you are just not comfortable with bringing an open source solution into your Windows shop. What do you do?If this scenario sounds familiar, it might do you good to investigate QuickelSoft CMS for ASP. Though it's a newcomer to CMSWire, QuickelSoft has been providing web content management solutions for ASP and Sql Server environments since 1999. QuickelSoft CMS version 2.0.3 is a collection of best practices from a number of web cms implementations that has been re-written for the ASP.Net framework. Michael Mathy, founder of QuickelSoft, described the effort like this: "After 6 years of success with QuickelSoft CMS for ASP, we are very excited at this new version specifically rewritten entirely for ASP.Net. "The main purpose of QuickelSoft CMS remains the same: to provide Web developers and webmasters with a powerful content management system they can integrate into their site, wherever they have to run it, on a shared hosting, a departmental server or a dedicated server." It's only practical to play the skeptic and assume a product developed and maintained by a single person cannot meet your web content management needs, right, but hear us out about QuickelSoft first. The new version of their CMS offering contains the following features: * Versioning * Integrated security * A scalable user interface to manage websites with thousands of pages * Full multilingual support * Integrated search engine optimization * Automatic RSS feed generation Furthermore, a certification in Microsoft Server Administration is not required as QuickelSoft CMS requires no server configuration, runs in any environment that supports ASP.Net 2.0 and Sql Server, and only requires that a single file be unzipped for install. But what about pricing? First of all, if you run a web server and Internet Explorer on the same machine (e.g. a development environment), then QuickelSoft CMS is free. No license key is required. Production environment pricing comes in two flavors: * The base license, which costs US $390, allows you to manage as many sites as you want on one server with one content contributor defined in your system. * A content contributor license, at a cost of US $95, must be purchased for each additional content contributor. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee if the product does not meet your needs in anyway. If you want to take your website to the next level without diving head first into the enterprise content management system market, take a look at QuickelSoft. The combination of a full feature set, affordable pricing, and easy installation is definitely worth the time of any Microsoft Windows shop.