RedDot Solutions, a global provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, has announced the release of RedDot LiveServer v2.2. LiveServer is a personalization and integration platform targeted specifically at the middle market. "With LiveServer, RedDot offers the first content aware delivery environment which raises the bar in the enterprise content management industry," said Detlef Kamps, President of RedDot Solutions. "This is the first personalization tool built for midmarket companies by an organization that truly understands the specific needs of the midmarket."RedDot LiveServer 2.2 now features:
  • Improved personalized search with Verity K2 5.5 technology, which provides faster, more accurate results and can serve more simultaneous users.
  • Official certification and registration as an SAP SAP2EE Application, to leverage the power of SAP solutions for our clients.
  • Faster integration of pre-existing Web applications.
  • Integrated Web applications can now be "content aware".
  • Extended integration with directory services using LDAP for simpler authentication and synchronization of existing user data.
  • A new editor toolbar and additional display functions makes RedDot LiveServer easier to use.
According to a January 2005 report from Seybold Groups, "LiveServer monitors the content that customers are requesting and then proactively suggests likely items of interest. For mainstream enterprises needing a midmarket solution for managing Web-based content and business documents, we believe that RedDot should be on the short list of vendors to consider. For early adopters seeking to refine, focus, and personalize their content delivery capabilities, RedDot's LiveServer introduces a set of innovative functions that merit attention."