Ever feel like you do nothing but repeat the same information again and again for different people? Might as well make the process as painless as possible. For this and other communication challenges, the legal team at Norton Rose looks to Rhythmyx, the Web content management system proffered by Percussion Software, to assist in changing the way collaboration occurs between colleagues. Norton Rose is an international legal practice supporting a team of law experts that wax complex in a number of languages. It only makes sense that their web CMS be just as nimble. Thankfully this isn't Rhythmyx's first legal stint. Just last February they helped Dundas & Wilson with their off-beat document management situation. Rhythmyx enables business users worldwide to better disseminate large quantities of content, reuse said content easily and refine it for certain audiences and hannels. All this while supporting multiple languages of intranet, Internet and externet sites. As the number of content developers increases, the time the firm must spend developing content will reduce, thus enabling them to focus on the development of their enterprise and skills. Laura Shumiloff, head of communications at Norton Rose, expresses optimism about the solution. “Rhythmyx will enable [...] to leverage a range of platforms and infrastructure that can grow and change independently of the Web content management system, by pushing content changes out to multiple channels without requiring Rhythmyx code.” Rhythmyx also creates audit trails, a factor that makes a big difference for law firms in particular. Tailored for companies seeking seamless support for multiple Web destinations, Rhythmyx makes it possible to build sites with dynamic information that remains engaging to multiple audiences. Businesses seem to respond well. Pete Atkinson, Managing Director of European Operations for Percussion Software, notes that “Rhythmyx is well suited to the requirements of the legal sector [...] This is further demonstrated by the fact that Rhythmyx has been selected by Norton Rose, DLA Piper, Allen & Overy, Osborne Clarke and Dundas & Wilson." That's quite a list. In recent news, global pharma Shire selected Rhythmyx to assist in a complete intranet relaunch. Take Rhythmyx out for a spin at the the Percussion website.