Scribendi Lends Editing and Proofreading to WordPress
WordPress is already a great tool for communicating ideas, but this week Scribendi is helping the platform move up a notch with advanced editing and proofreading perks. Users simply download the plugin, and posts from that point forward are edited by Scribendi’s professional team of editors in as little as four hours.

Making your Message Clear

Blog posts represent the writer, so it's important to keep the message clear and integrity intact. Accordingly, the Scribendi WordPress Plugin uses a team of real people to eliminate errors, ensuring all posts receive attention for the right reasons.

Aiming to change the industry as a whole, Scribendi's professional editing on-the-fly makes the writer/editor connection extremely more accessible and, I would say eliminates the intimidation that can be felt when publishing in a public space. 

“We're thrilled to be able to launch this plugin, as we've always wanted to be able to reach out to bloggers and provide a fast, easy way for them to get their blog posts revised,” said Chandra Clarke, President of “The plugin, and the dedicated blog editing and proofreading service, provides a way to do that.”

Woven In 

Scribendi's plugin is woven tightly into the WordPress dashboard, making the service accessible within the user's WordPress account. Once a post is submitted for review, the plugin provides a firm quote and an option to securely place an order:


Once a post has been reviewed by the team, a list of the suggested corrections is shown right inside the user's WordPress revision history, which gives a user the benefits of professional editorial support at the same time as complete creative control.

“As blog writing and self-publishing continues to grow in popularity, we have to be innovative and create new ways for clients to easily access our services,” continued Clarke. “The document revision industry has changed, and we are leaders in revolutionizing this industry.”

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