The latest release of Sitefinity Web CMS (news, site) -- 4.0. beta -- adds productivity and ease of use improvements, plus an SDK as part of a ground-up rebuild of the ASP.NET CMS.

No Limits for this Beta

Since the last beta in April, Telerik has focused on making tasks easier to perform in Sitefinity Web CMS and adding productivity improvements like a drag-and-drop forms module, improved digital asset management and analytics that make the chores simpler to manage. With these and other improvements, it could win even more fans among companies large and small.

Develop Web Muscles

The release also includes the new Software Development Kit (SDK) that opens up the product to developers, allowing them to add Silverlight interface tricks or Telerik's own OpenAccess object-relational mapping plumbing tool to their sites.


SiteFinity's SDK will add flexibility for developers

The SDK's home page has a host of samples and tutorials for getting to grips with typical development tasks such as creating modules, widgets and templates. There are also guides for developers, designers and content writers. The SDK requires Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4.0 SDK.

The SDK comes loaded with Telerik's RADControls for AJAX and Silverlight offering over 100 user interface controls for a better looking, more interactive site. With additional background features like improved RSS syndication and version control (including a comparison feature), the final release package should offer far greater stability and fidelity for developers and users, allowing even more impressive sites for visitors to be wowed by that take less time to create and manage, helping users save time and money.

Those sold on the ideas found in the beta can buy a current copy of Sitefinity for US$ 899 and pick up a free upgrade to version 4.0 on release.