SiteGalore Releases v16
Akmin technologies has launched the newest version of their private label online website building solution SiteGalore and this one is packed with lots of enhancements and a number of useful features straight from the Google itself. SiteGalore, a well-known browser-based website builder is used by over 1200 hosting providers in over 45 countries and 8 different languages, has just released v16 of their solution. Interestingly, they have received an award for their solution since 2005, but that doesn't mean they aren't still good.

SiteGalore Enhancements and New Features

There's a wack of enhancements and new features in version 16 that many hosting providers who use the product have probably been looking forward to. Here's a quick run down of some of them. New Features Lots of Google tools have been added to this version including: * Analytics * Sitemap * AdSense * Checkout Other new features are as follows: * Receive payments with PayPal * Image Replacement Wizard which enables a user to upload an image and select from a list of available image effect options * Change page filenames to allow for better search engine indexing * Website browser alignment enables the user to select how their website should be aligned in the browser window -- left, right or center * Creation of standalone pages that are not linked directly to the navigation * Ability to implement multiple payment modes Enhancements There are a number of new design templates that should appeal to everyone. Here's a couple:

Design Template Sample


Design Template Sample

In addition to new design templates, you also get: * A packed e-commerce wizard * A new form wizard * Advanced Search Engine Optimization * A new WYSIWYG editor * New Flash intro templates


You can get all the details on these new features and enhancements in the Features section of their website. We took a quick tour of the SiteGalore site builder and it appears very straightforward to use. The ability to create some Flash is a nice feature especially for small to medium sized companies who can't afford to hire big design companies. All the Google integration is another really good selling point for this solution as the features are free and shouldn't be driving up the price of the package very much. If you are a hosting company or looking to set up a small shop, take a good look at SiteGalore for your website builder. This new version just might bring in some awards to list on their site.