Blogging, yes a popular item these days, was previously available from Sitellite producer Simian Systems, but you might of had to pester the right people in the right mood, etc.

As of yesterday blogging has been added as an off the shelf feature of the Sitellite v4.2 Pro version.

 The latest Sitellite Pro update, version 4.2.5, includes the following new functionality:

A simple deadline/meeting manager for keeping track of important dates for multiple projects.

Shared User Authentication
Multiple sites running Sitellite 4.2 Professional Edition can now use a single, unified database for users.

Site-wide weblog module, ideal for corporate blogging.  Maintains the look and feel of your corporate web site.

Time Tracker
Simple interface for employees to enter their time logs.  Track hours by person and by project.

To Do
Manage a shared task list for multiple employees in a simple and efficient interface.

These modules have been included in the latest bug fix and feature improvement update from Simian Systems.