While perhaps wearing their very best “if you can’t beat them, join them” face, Six Apart (news, site) recently announced a handful of new services for WordPress users.

The shocking news was made public at this year’s WordCamp Mid-Atlantic—WordPress’ annual conference for the platform’s biggest fans—where, strangely enough, Six Apart co-founder Anil Dash delivered the keynote address.

If all of this sounds a little strange to you, you’re not alone. The ability to dip hands into two of the biggest cookie jars at once has got a number of bloggers scratching their heads. Six Apart defends their decision from a considerate angle: “we love making the Web better and more connected, and we want to help all publishers succeed, regardless of what tools they use. We believe in the power of blogging, and that's why we've got a whole bunch of powerful services available for WordPress users,” their site states.

Does this mean major competition for WordPress? Probably not. Despite Six Apart's efforts, WordPress has remained the blogging platform of choice for quite some time; however, the offerings will do their part in broadening the Six Apart audience, which certainly doesn't hurt. The new tools include TypePad AntiSpam, Six Apart Media, TypePad Connect and, and more information on them can be found here.