Like we mentioned earlier today, Six Apart (news, site) is dipping its feet into the Alpha and Beta testing pool. The most recent example is Movable Type 4.3 Beta 1, which was released just this week. But why stop there? Six Apart is already talking publicly about the 5.0 release as well. The requirements process and early development work on MT5 has already begun, and there is a reported particular focus on better content management and ease of use.

As for these low-level iterations, we think they are good for two things: alarming the general MT fan base with the different kinds of bugs that slip through the cracks and, ultimately, fixing them. For example, we saw a particularly nasty issue involving article filtering in 4.25 and 4.26, but the Movable Type team was quick to resolve it thanks to the QA process and v4.261 was released shortly afterward.

With that example set, Six Apart urges all you users out there to get involved as their gear up towards their first Movable Type Pro 5.0 Beta release. Says Matt Jacobs, product manager for Movable Type, "The best way is to use MT forums, send us feedback directly, or get active on our ProNet email list and tell us what you'd like to see."