New Web CMS Soapbox tries to differentiate itself in a crowded market. Having been developed organically as the system that its creator used to develop websites for others, it is available now as a hosted service for all to try. 

Cleaning Up The CMS House

Seattle-based Coyne Design has been developing sites for a wide range of clients for a few years. In the background it has been developing and refining its own Web CMS.

Now available for businesses, companies large and small to try, it aims to be more flexible and customizable than Joomla, WordPress and other while being less quirky then some open-source solutions.

Soapbox comes with free storage and unlimited pages or users. The CMS features WYSIWYG editing, galleries, traffic monitoring, an admin toolbar with access to the main features, multiple content areas on a page and an inline image uploader that crops and saves images in the optimum format.

It helps keep costs down by providing basic content management. Rather than overloading the basic product with features that users won't need, all the fancy stuff comes via plug-ins.

Freedom of choice is also high on the agenda. Users can sign up for a free template, get a template from a service like, design their own or have an entire custom site designed. So, it should appeal to users at all levels of budget.



A demo example of a Soapbox site

Finding New Niches

A further aim for Soapbox is to continue creating templates that are more than just design-led, but functionality-enhanced templates.

On the horizon are an online store, real estate and church templates to cater for specific niche markets. The church template is not just designed to look "churchy," but has a bible-based audio library. The real estate template will include featured listings and a search map.

Pricing starts at free, with a Soapbox template plus hosting charges, if required. Pricing goes up in bands depending on the level of design, features and plug-ins required.

A Growing List For Simple CMS

Almost seems the norm these days to be writing about another simple web content management system. Every day we get another email about another simple solution: PageLime, Halogy, TypeRoom, Caribou, GetSimple, Webnode... Shall we go on?

The key is to look for the differentiator, if there is one.

So does Soapbox have a differentiator? How many simple Web CMS systems offer custom templates for churches? Thought so.