squiz web content management system
Squiz is forever telling us what we should do and what we should think: about CMS, about SEO, doing business on the web, about the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha (it's a WIP). Which is quite irritating, because they're invariably just about right. The open source Enterprise CMS developer (of MySource Matrix) is launching a new paper on web accessibility, aimed at enterprise managers. It suggests businesses of all sizes neglect standard web accessibility standards, and thus lose out on all kinds of business opportunities. A six-fold course of action is suggested by Squiz. Companies across the board should: * Generate more site traffic through improved SEO * Create better user experiences, leading to more conversions * Attract and retain a wider audience, including those with disabilities * Reduce ongoing maintenance costs through the greater use of more flexible technologies * Reduce site development times by creating greater site flexibility * Reduce general legal exposure The implementation guidelines provide readers with a step-by-step walk-through for building a truly accessible website, including breakdowns of key technology considerations, like implementing accessible HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and video. The paper also examines the W3C's 'Priority 1' Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and implementation considerations regarding same. Steve Morgan, Managing Director at Squiz, had this to say: "Whilst extending your services to an important audience - the disabled – is critical, we can show you that an accessible site will enhance your SEO, make your site more usable, reduce your ongoing costs and widen your future development choices. Now in my book that’s pretty much a ‘wish list’ for the ideal web site – and this new, free white paper tells you how to do it." Squiz's Report on Web Accessibility is freely at their website.