This is a rant, plain and simple. Ok, so I read lots and lots of news nearly every day. My news is all about WCM, ECM, IDM, DM, LMS etc. etc. I guess I enjoy this stuff. What I cannot grasp is why companies that make their living selling CMS software and services miserably fail to manage their own content. Here's what I see on a regular basis: a company press release is written internally, the press release is edited, reviewed, and finally approved. Next, what happens? The press release is sent out to the news wires and depending on how much you're paying, is broadcast in various places on the Internet. Hey this all sounds good so far. Now I consume the press release and I go to the company's web site to learn more about the context of the announcement. What boggles the mind is what happens next - there is nothing on the company's homepage that matches up with the announcement ....not even the press release!! Note, I'm saying "homepage" as you've typically got 2, *maybe* 3 clicks before you lose someone's attention in a site. Anyhow, back to topic, we're talking about companies that explicitly sell either content management or web content management products. Is this a bit odd? Am I alone here? Can we say poor advertisement of your product/service/advice? These are the same companies that talk about CMS ROI, the advantages of coordinated, multi-channel publishing, etc., etc. Hmm. Anyhow, I've seen this happen many times, but today Ektron won my rant prize with this press release, that cannot be found in the "Latest News" section on their homepage. This is not the worst case I've seen, as you *can* find it in their "Press Releases" section, 3 clicks later. Ok, I'm done.