Surreal CMS to Provide Plug-In API

 Looking at Surreal CMS (news, site) one wonders whether this web content management provider is coming from a James Bond-like background, or is under some sort of a perpetual NDA. The absolute lack of product version numbers or release notes makes it all quite umm… surreal.

Our intelligence forces have intercepted a message via a little-known transmission channel called Twitter that there was a new (unnamed, unnumbered) version of Surreal CMS released. And now we can share some super minimal (rest must’ve gotten scrambled), almost top secret details with you.

Multilingual Support

We all know the crucial importance of multilingual support in both the secret intelligence services and web content management. International, non-English users of Surreal CMS can now enjoy all the technological wonders the CMS brings in several new languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Norwegian.

Scooping CushyCMS

Cushy CMS is very similar to Surreal CMS. There are pros and cons in both systems, but, architecturally, both try to deliver SaaS-like content management systems for SMBs and designers, web developers.

Ever since its initial launch in November 2008, Surreal CMS has been maintaining the undercover of the remotely hosted CMS. It’s not quite SaaS though, in its traditional meaning. The content management side is hosted, while the content delivery part is up to you. Cryptically named makers of Surreal CMS -- A Beautiful Site, LLC -- of course, also offer to do your web hosting.

Given the similarities, Surreal CMS decided (just like others in the space) to include a migration “path” from CushyCMS in its latest release. Customers can transfer existing CushyCMS sites “without having to change anything on your website.” One step that’s needed is to add your websites (S)FTP credentials to the CMS and enable your web pages as you normally would.

Surreal CMS supports all of the following CushyCMS classes:

  • cushycms
  • cushycms-text
  • cushycms-html
  • cushycms-wysiwyg
  • clienteditor
  • clienteditor-text
  • clienteditor-html
  • clienteditor-wysiwyg

We Are Watching You

Surreal tells us they have some mobile devices’ support plans to allow for content management on the go. The vendor looks to release a beta version of the mobile software by the end of 2009. Last we covered Surreal CMS, they promised a plug-in API. We are not sure whether the mission has been successful. But we’re keeping an eye on them and will keep you posted.