siteexecutive upgrades with enhancement pack 4

Last April, Systems Alliance released an enhancement pack for SiteExecutive, a mere four months after the content management application had been made available. Attempting to comply with current Web trends, the enhancement added social capabilities. Sort of.

This week, Systems Alliance has released yet another set of upgrades geared toward popular Web practices. Enhancement Pack 4 includes Framework for developing dynamic content, a blog application, automatic spam reduction and a ton of other improvements requested by the SiteExecutive community.

New Framework Means New Capabilities

The new Application Framework provides new capabilities for dynamic or structured content -- alternative custom development for modeling and managing content. And that’s in addition to the already enabled custom development and integration. Not sure what that means or how it works? Worry not, there are Systems Alliance-led developer training classes for that. These guys really want you to get it.

Content created with the Application Framework can take the form of a Web page, XML feed or virtually any other type of content. More notably, the SiteExecutive Application Framework produces search-engine friendly content with easily read URLs, as well as content-specific browser titles and meta tags.

It Also Means a Blog Application

Even though word on the Internet is that the blog is dead (or dying), it as an added functionality is still kind of cool, isn't it? The Blog Application enables the provisioning and management of one or many individual blogs, and offers a swell little interface for managing posts and comments. Not bad for the first SiteExecutive component developed with the Framework, right?

And Then There's Spam Reduction...

As Systems Alliance says, website owners around the world are plagued by robot-generated form submissions. Thankfully, Enhancement Pack 4 includes a built-in spam reduction feature which automatically recognizes and kicks robot-generated submissions to the curb.

Other Perks of Enhancement Pack 4:

  • Scheduling posts for advanced publishing
  • Generating or consuming RSS feeds
  • Notification and comment approval workflow
  • CAPTCHA to eliminate robot-generated comments
  • Keyword and calendar views
  • Views for displaying blog content on other SiteExecutive pages or templates

And...There's Even More?

We know, it's hard to believe. In addition to all of that, Enhancement Pack 4 includes even more functional enhancements addressing a number of client requests. A complete list is available from the SiteExecutive Support Center, which requires a login.