Systems Alliance,SiteExecutive 4.1, social computing
It was late January when Systems Alliance released version 4 of their web content management suite SiteExecutive. At the time, we noted the lack of the social networking capabilities. Well, they were either listening very closely to us or to their own customers because only three months later they have announced their Enhancement Pack 1 for SiteExecutive 4.1 - and it looks packed with "facebook for the enterprise" like features -- well sort of. To understand what SiteExecutive 4 was all about - take a quick read of our review from January. Some of the improvements to that version include a Content Classification Module and a Content Intelligence Module. These enhancements just announced extend the functionality of the Profile Directory and Related Content Modules. It also provides the capability to add custom code to the HTML head tag.

Enhancements to Profile Directory

Guess they were listening to their customers. With the rise of social networking in the enterprise, SiteExecutive now has an enhanced Profile Directory. The module now features a "Featured Profile Mode" which is basically a picture, name and email address by default. Customization of the layout to include additional content can be done via XSL.
In addition, there is also a "Related Profiles Mode" which will display a list of matching profiles based on some pre-determined criteria. Again the layout can be customized using XSL. Finally, there's now a custom field with a WYSIWYG editor that enables some minor formatting capabilities for a users profile.

Related Content Enhancements

Remember that Classification Module we mentioned? You can now take this faceted search capability a step further by configuring the Related Content Module for facet-based matching. Then once you place the module on a template, it will automatically match content from other pages sharing the template based on that facet.

Tag Enhancements

Finally, improvements to the HTML tag element allow custom code to be added to do things like: * Enable the ability to display to devices that don't contain a media-specific CSS by calling a browser-centric stylesheet * Page specific optimization tags * Support for new meta tags All of these enhancements seem to go to Systems Alliance's desire to create an content management application for non-technical users. The product still remains light on it's social networking capabilities, so we expect we'll hear about more updates as they continue to develop that functionality. In the meantime get more information on this version on their website.