Telerik have announce the latest update of their r.a.d.Editor Microsoft CMS Edition. Version 2.0 ushers in both new features and a host of bug fixes. Best of all, its free for new and existing Microsoft Content Management Server (CMS) customers. The Telerik r.a.d.Editor is a ASP.NET server control that adds intuitive HTML editing capabilities to ASP.NET web applications. It integrates quickly in the Visual Studio environment and can be linked with the backend capabilities of the Microsoft CMS server.Editor Features Include:
  • The LocalImage appears or not depending on the value of the MustUseResourceGallery property of the placeholder definition.
  • Improved file browser dialogs (Image, Flash, Media, Document) with Windows-like look and feel
  • Improved look of the editor, easier to change the visual look of the editor by editing the schemes' CSS files
  • Added UseClassicDialogs property that makes the editor's dialogs appear either within custom, fully CSS-configurable "windows", or in the default IE dialogs. (Default is false, that is the editor uses the custom dialog windows).
  • Cleaner HTML output and better application of CSS tyles
  • Indentation of HTML in code view.
  • Updated to work with Internet Explorer with Windows XP Service Pack 2.
  • Improved clientside performance.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed a bug which occurred when attaching an eventhandler to the SavingContent event. In the event handler the old (original) content of the editor would be returned, rather than the new value.
  • Fixed a problem with the *.* setting for document filters.
  • A number of smaller bugs fixed mostly related to the quality of the html and the editing process, enhancing the user experience.
Microsoft CMS customers can download the latest version for free. Just log into your account on the Telerik site and click on "My Licenses".