TerminalFour Opens a US Office
It's St. Patty's day and Irish web content management systems vendor TERMINALFOUR has declared their intentions to nab a piece of the American Web CMS market. And really, with Ireland and Spain leading the European charge down the financial tubes, we can't say we blame them.

But there's more to this than running like hell for greener pastures. TERMINALFOUR has had some action going on in the states for a little while now. Their sales team is coming in fighting and has already chalked-up some notable wins in the higher education space. Now they're setting up a U.S. HQ in Boston and are on to the next phase.

Following Through on Expansion Plans

In 2007, TERMINALFOUR (news, site) announced an investment of EUR3M for expansion into new markets and continued development of their web content management system. Fast forward to July of 2008 and they are announcing new executive leadership to help them make those expansion plans a reality.

It seems to have paid off. TERMINALFOUR has announced that to support the growing customer base they have developed in the US, they will open a US-based office. The new deals were announced at a breakfast in New York City, one of several associated with a trade mission to the US lead by Ireland's Prime Minister.

Known in Ireland and the UK for offering web content management solutions to the higher education sector, TERMINALFOUR will take that marketing strategy and direct it towards the US higher education market. According to them, the higher education market will be less volatile in this tough economic climate.

David Miller, COO of TERMINALFOUR, said, "TERMINALFOUR has spent the last year cultivating strategic partnerships, developing a channel and enhancing our software capabilities to maximize the impact of our U.S. launch. Our recent customer deployments and new business wins in the U.S. and Canada demonstrates that our technology can successfully cross the Atlantic."

A New Office for a New Version

Site Manager 6.2 was demonstrated at TERMINALFOUR's user conference in November of last year. Along with the demonstration, a new partner and community extranet was announced to support it.

This latest version, officially released in January of this year, includes functionality such as better internal search, advanced LDAP features and better link management and analysis capabilities.

It will be interesting to see how TERMINALFOUR does in the higher education sector in the US and if the market is as stable as they believe it is.

The trend of European web content management vendors heading to the U.S. demonstrates that CM market is ripe for picking -- or at least that those in the content management space think there's still gold in them thar hills.