TERMINALFOUR SiteManager 7.1: Improved Mobile, Search Integration &  Automated Migration from other Web CMS
TERMINALFOUR (news, site) released SiteManager 7.1 today with an eye to getting more companies out of their current web content management system and into t4's. But that's not all that's new in this latest release.

Automated Migration

Tired of your current Web CMS not working the way you want? TERMINALFOUR is offering a way to get out of it and into their SiteManager with new automated migration tools. Specifically, if you want out of Reddot, Percussion, Interwoven, Vignette, OmniUpdate, Serena Collage or SunGard LCMS, t4 has migration scripts ready to go.

If one of those isn't your Web CMS, then t4 also offers the ability to import the raw HTML and XHTML from your system.

t4 believes that about 80% of content can be migrated via an automated process in most cases. Some of its migration utilities are a part of SiteManager 7.1, including CMS Import, Site Structure import and Media import.

Improved Analytics Integration

SiteManager 7.1 now integrates with a number of third party analytics and reporting packages via the dashboard, configuration by an admin is, of course, required. If you use Google Analytics, then you will like that this analytics solution is integrated out of the box.

Mobile Websites Among Additional Enhancements

There are other improvements to this web content management system as well, including:

  • Enhancements to the developer API
  • Improvements to the internal search engine
  • A new sample Mobile website installed as standard and the ability to easily re-purpose and deploy content to mobile website.

TERMINALFOUR is an Ireland based web content management vendor with a number of sales in the education industry. Last year was a record year for the vendor with US sales accounting for 38%.

It will be interesting to see how many organizations take up the offer of migration to t4.