Joomla 1.5.3
Joomla, one of the foremost names in open source web content management is upping the bar for the competition. The early release of Joomla v1.5.3 comes on the tail of one of their major competitors, Drupal, having been named in Webware’s Top 100 last week. Is Joomla responding to being left out? According to Joomla, this early and immediate release comes as a result of database name validation errors that came with Joomla 1.5.2 It seems since the advent of Joomla 1.5, the road has been wrought with problems. Many Joomla users still recommend using the 1.0.x versions of Joomla. With the announcement of Joomla 1.5 Stable only a few short months ago, it seems problematic to be on 1.5.3 already and working out major database issues. None the less, we have it, and with the seemingly forced release of 1.5.3, maybe we have something that will really surpass its predecessor.

The Fix

The scoop is that this release came early due to database issues in 1.5.2. But what did they fix with the rush release? Most of the changes were behind the scenes stuff so don’t expect a lot of new flash on the visual side of things. That said, the problems addressed include: # Database name validation – An issue that cropped up in 1.5.2 # xHTML compliance fixes – An ongoing fight to ensure compliant code. # Help screen updates – About the only visual side update # JFilterInput infinite loop fix – Fixed problems with infinite loops in JFilterInput, a class for filtering input from any data source # PDF fixes for PHP 4 – Fixed problems PHP 4 had with PDF files # Minor CSS and RTL issues

What’s Next

With the “hotfix” 1.5.3 release out of the way, the Bug Squad is already shooting for the next Joomla 1.5 update and has plans in motion. Here is a list of some of the things to come with the 1.5.4 update: * Profiling and performance optimization * Plugin refactoring and introduction of unit testing * Complete translation issues * Continue work on the //TODO tags in source code * Update of the OpenID library to 2.0 In this crazy, CMS driven web 2.0 world, it would be hard to stay afloat enough to “keep up with the Jones’s”. Joomla seems to be getting the hang of it though. The question is, is it enough? Is it enough to rush an update based on issues with the last release at the same time Webware’s Top 100 is released? Or is the timing something others will pick up on and will Joomla be left off the list again next year? Time will tell…