If your working life revolves around the release date of software products, then you just gotta love open source Web CMS provider Tiki (newssite). Not only have they released v5.1 of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, they have also announced a date for the release of v6.0 and given us a good idea of what will be in v7.0.

TikiWiki v6.0

First things first. The release date for Tiki 6 will be October 21st as outlined in their roadmap and will consist of a small release compared to the release of Tiki 4 and Tiki 5, which was released in April last year.

However, when Tiki says v6.0 will be small, it is only a comparative term and users can expect to have a long list of improvements and upgrades, most of which are coming at the suggestion of the Tiki community.

More to the point, Tiki 6 will, from the October release, become the Long Term Support version replacing version v3, which is exactly what it says it is: a version which is the target of bug fixes and which can then be pushed out across other versions.

While v6 early adopters can get a copy of the pre-release of Tiki 6 from the website, version 7 is expected to more significant, or what Tiki calls a “big version, that promises to bring HTML 5 features to Tiki.

Version 5.1

The other significant part of the recent announcement is that v5.1 has been officially released and is now the working version of TikiWiki.

Like their other upgrades, this is the result of a joint effort across the entire Tiki community, more than a dozen of whom have added over 140 updates.

Many of the tweaks and fixes won’t register outside of the administrator or developer community but there are a number of improvements that will make the user’s life easier. These include:

  • Improved compatibility for Microsoft Windows and IIS
  • ‘Since Last Visit’ Module has been fixed
  • Fixed the Since Last Visit module
  • Better support for UTF-8

Building on v5.0

To put this in perspective, Version 5 was released on April 11 and came with many new features or updated elements including:

  • Shopping cart and payment support to improve ecommerce capabilities
  • Updated translation/multilingual support expanding on the 35 existing languages
  • Advanced rating and scoring system
  • Workspace integration, what looks like a dashboard feature
  • Performance improvements
  • WebDAV support

While v6.0 is likely to introduce chat, voice and video communication, v5.1 is mainly about tweaks. TikiWiki is a community development with over 400 contributors that is used by big and small businesses.