TikiWiki CMS/Groupware Offers 3.5 and 4.2 Updates, Details Next Big Thing
Open source Web CMS provider Tiki (news, site) updates the current forks of its product and announces plans for the next revision.

The Updates Keep Coming

Last October, TikiWiki updated its open source CMS with some 200 fixes. Keeping with its six-monthly tradition of updates, now it is updating the open source "long-term support" version to 3.5 and the latest "stable" current-featured version to 4.2.

Tagged as a bug-fix, polish and security update, the change log is full of entries, but the most pressing issue for existing users will be the security fixes. For example, one indicates "Spam protection: when anonymous users are allowed to add or change events in calendars, the IP is logged at syslog to allow banning IP's if needed." Other fixes including robustness against SQL injection attack and abuse of various system features

TikiWiki 4 includes features not found in the 3.x series and has an improved user interface. Further additions in the update include a fix for IE7 login bar positioning, additional Russian translation and hundreds of other tiny improvements to make the whole experience better.

Come In Number 5

Version 5 will be released on 11 April (although eager beavers can grab a test copy here) and offers many new features or updated elements including:

  • Shopping cart and payment support to improve ecommerce capabilities
  • Updated translation/multilingual support expanding on the 35 existing languages
  • Advanced rating and scoring system
  • Workspace integration, what looks like a dashboard feature
  • Performance improvements
  • WebDAV support

Looking further ahead, the next edition is possibly planning on ditching support for Internet Explorer 6.0; chat, voice and video communication and further advances. Available as a download, LiveCD for install-free use, or JumpBox pre-configured download, TikiWiki is a community development with over 400 contributors that is used by businesses both large and small.