Vivvo (news, site) has announced the latest version of its web content management system. Version 4.6 is focuses on resolving some big bugs and adding a few enhancements.

Fixing Bugs is no Minor Thing

Vivvo 4.6 is all about resolving issues. This revision is focused on 16 bugs, enhancements and optimizations.

For bugs, fixes applied include:

  • Archive search returning 404 on author pages containing number in name
  • MDB2 error on Maintenance: Auto Relate if "Relevance: category" is set to zero
  • Fixed problem in configuration.class.php causing blank page because of faulty cache generation
  • Fixed problem with RSS <lastBuildDate> tag and feed validation
  • 404 error for "category/subcategory/<article-id>-title.html" URL format if article title contains backslash ("/") character
  • When site is closed, admin cannot reset password
  • Fixed flood check for "Email to a friend"
  • Fixed problem with searching non-English characters

Adding a Little Extra to Managing Content

In addition to the bug fixes noted above, Vivvo Web CMS also receives a few enhancements. Categories can now a link as root category, there is a new language tag in the search tab for articles, the dashboard now includes a scroll for 10+ articles in the list for yesterday's top stories and only users who have the "manage tags" privilege can mark an article as a headline.

A couple of optimizations:

  • Advanced search / search archive now doesn't include links in search results
  • thumbnail.php accessing database repeatedly to fetch the size of the thumbnail

And for admins, JW Player has been upgraded to version 5.4 and a 404 report error includes the referral page.

Throw in a Few Free Things

Vivvo also offers up three new free plug-ins that you might like to add to your implementation:

And finally the WCM vendor is whispering about an upcoming new product for real-time analytics. We are watching closely for details.