Web Content Management (Web CMS) vendor Hot Banana Software and Active Marketing Solutions, have announced a new CMS solution - Hot Banana For Agencies - targeted exclusively at online, eMarketing and interactive agencies. Hot Banana For Agencies is designed to help agencies manage their unique needs for clients who are running multiple marketing campaigns utilizing multiple time-limited, custom Landing Pages or Micro Marketing Sites. Hot Banana For Agencies includes features such as data transfer, personalization, testing and measurement, Form Builder (optionally linked to SalesForce.com's CRM); a Landing Page Manager with built-in A/B testing; Micro Marketing Site Manager for mini Web sites of up to 10 Web pages; integrated WebTrends 7 Web analytics; and optional, custom email software integration to 'close-the-loop' on email marketing campaigns (from vendors such as ExactTarget), which can now be measured from end-to-end. Many agencies find that their own in-house custom technology is unable to keep up with the fast-changing Internet technology and feature demands. Hot Banana For Agencies is designed to address this problem, requiring minimal IT supervision and being quickly accessible to business users. "Today's agencies survive on their ability to quickly and successfully deploy a wide variety of eMarketing campaigns for a broad range of clients. We provide a low cost, scalable, repeatable technology solution for marketing agencies to create results-orientated Landing Pages and Micro Marketing Sites," says Krista Lariviere, President and CEO, Hot Banana Software Inc. Additional Info: http://www.hotbanana.com/products/micro-marketing-sites/