Plone Web Content Management
Following shortly behind the 3.0 release candidate this past July, the Plone Foundation is excited -- and relieved -- to announce the general availability of Plone 3.0. At least part of the big news with this release is the addition of versioning to the Plone core. This new capability places the Plone offering into a new class of Web Content Management competitors. The new release of the Python-based Web CMS marks the culmination of over a year of work and capitalizes on another recent milestone -- the one millionth download of Plone. But what makes the release of Plone 3.0 any different from the myriad of other new product release announcements? The following features are notable: * Full Versioning Support, a.k.a. "The Ultimate Undo": includes the ability to audit user activity and roll changes back with a minimum of clicks * Inline AJAX Editing and Wiki Functionality: includes built-in link management between pieces of unstructured content along with faster and more efficient editing capabilities * Live Search for All Files: the search-as-you-type ability, made famous by Google Suggest, is available across the following file formats: PDF, images, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and web content * Automatic Integrity Checking: users no longer have to worry about broken links as Plone 3.0 tracks document movement and manages dependencies automatically * Strengthened Security: improved auditing makes problems easier to find and improved usability hopes to minimize issues during content creation Along with these features, Plone 3.0 also includes improved support for collaboration and sharing of information between groups of users. Moreover, advanced workflow support comes bundled with the new release along with support for specialized search engines. Overall, it appears that things are going swimmingly in the Plone world. The functionality described above coupled with a library of more than 500 add-on modules and impressive multimedia capabilities leads one to believe that according to Plone co-founder Alexander Limi: "This release marks the tipping point of Plone in both the mainstream as well as the enterprise". We shall see. For more information about Plone 3.0, including a complete feature list and download information, check out the Plone 3.0 features page. Is your organization currently using Plone for content management? What are your feelings about the 3.0 release? Does the addition of versioning change your content management life? Tell us what you think in the comments section.