Web Content Management (CMS) Market Summary

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Meta Group have recently released the METAspectrum summary of the North American Web Content Management (Web CMS) market. The focus is on WCM systems and ECM systems that are purchased expressly to drive Web sites.Out front they find the usual suspects, those being Documentum, Vignette, and Interwoven. Following in the top challenger roles are Microsoft, Stellent, FileNet, and IBM.Again the theme that echoed was that top tier organizations (clients) will view WCM as part of their overall ECM strategy.Key findings and predictions include: * the world-wide Web Content Management market will be worth USD 1 billion by 2007, with a 2:1 services to license ratio, and 60% of the business coming from North America * leaders in the WCM space are currently also credible in the ECM space, competitive differentiation will increasingly be weighted along these lines * technical innovation is expected in the areas of standards support, integration, RSS support, and services oriented architectures * market maturity has homogenized much of the competition, therefore procurement decisions should be increasingly based up vendor viability and vendors' longer term product strategy * properly maintaining your web assets is both a cost of doing business and a competitive differentiator * those who fail to manage their web content effectively risk undermining their organization's messaging, sales efforts, and general credibilityVendors included in the study were: Day Software, Documentum, FatWire, FileNet, Hyperwave, IBM/Lotus, Interwoven, Merant, Microsoft, Mobius, Percussion, RedDot, Stellent, and Vignette.Related: Global Content Management Growing, IBM Leads the WayAccess the Meta Group study. [Subscription Required]