META Group have announced their latest findings on the web content management marketplace. Predicting strong growth, they see expansion to USD 2.5 billion by 2007, with a 2:1 ration of services to software license costs and an increasing trend for Web CMS to be viewed as part of a broader Enterprise CMS scope. "Failure to manage Web sites and their associated content effectively can significantly undermine company messages, decrease sales, increase staffing requirements, and raise operational costs and risks," says Gene Alvarez, vice president with META Group's Content & Collaboration Strategies group. Among the 14 WCM products evaluated in the METASpectrum report, META Group finds little differentiation. This is indicative of a maturing market wherein users should not rely purely on technical performance to justify product decisions. Instead, analysts suggest users consider presence criteria, including financial performance and viability, sales and support channels, and company awareness, as more important factors in determining WCM vendor and product selections. Through 2007, META Group expects that Global 2000 organizations seeking strategic solutions will view WCM as a part of a broader enterprise content management (ECM) strategy and seek solutions accordingly. Although a niche WCM market will remain, it will be increasingly price pressured and oriented toward the small to medium-sized business market. According to META Group's Gene Alvarez, "Internal and external Web presence has become a primary cost of doing business and will continue to be an area of focus for many product and service organizations." Learn more about METAspectrum.