Looking for a CMS that's just a little bit different, why not give the latest version of open source Weceem, a new upcoming Grails-powered CMS a go.

All Weceems Well

Weceem is a free, CMS for those finding Grails, once Groovy on Rails, a fun place to work. It has gone from version 0.1 to 0.9 in the space of around 16 months and has been packing in the features as it goes, with an interesting road map ahead of it.

The features added to the latest release include blog, RSS and Atom support, a new rendering pipeline, rendering hooks, macros and tags inside HTML among others. Visitors can submit their own content, while uploads can be served direct and administrators can enjoy skinning their console.


All you need to run Weceem is an SQL database for storing content, a Java servlet and a Grails plug-in. This Web CMS is developed by Stephan Albers, the brains behind jCatalog, and a tight team of coders.

Designed to be highly customisable (with a wide choice of editors and content types), the latest build is pretty much there in terms of core features that site builders would want, it will be fun to watch it evolve as it hits the 1.0 mark.

And speaking of 1.0, there's more functionality to come. Here's what's on the roadmap:

  • Cloning of parts of the content hierarchy
  • Dynamic loading of content in the repository view (faster download)
  • Enhanced 404 handling with content suggestions/search
  • Ping support for blogs
  • Wiki support
  • Link checking
  • UI improvements

Version 1.0 is expected soon, but there's no date to provide you. You'll have to wait and see.