According to WordPress, there are 69,774,073 websites in the world using its platform. Recently, it surveyed its community to better understand what they love, what they hate, and what they want to see in 2012.

More Than a Blog

As WordPress grows, so does its presence as a full-fledged content management system. It used to be that it was just a blogging platform, but with its latest release of WordPress 3.3, it’s clear that it is much more.

Much of the updates included are user-focused to give the community more options and functionality. By combining Tumblr-like simplicity with the complexity of web app frameworks like Ruby on Rails, the WordPress community is diverse. The WordPress survey revealed that 90% of users have more than a year of experience using WordPress, while almost half have over three years. Almost all call themselves developers or designers in some fashion and use WordPress to meet the needs of their clients.

Of course, survey results aren’t complete with a summary infographic, like this one designed for the occasion.



Learning Opportunities

More DIY Functionality 

As you can see from the infographic, most users have used a free plugin or have paid for a WordPress theme or plug-in to integrate with their websites. By being able to leverage WordPress’ scalability, users are able to customize and optimize websites to meet their needs, for both personal and business uses.

However, that doesn’t mean that users are satisfied with what they have -- they want more core DIY functionality, fully integrated features, better reliability and responsive web design capabilities.

If 2011 is any indication, WordPress will be just as busy in 2012 to provide its community with value-added functionality that will further expand its platform from simple blogging platform into a viable platform for creating beautiful, professional and multi-functional websites.