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  • What the WordPress Community Wants, Likes

    According to WordPress, there are 69,774,073 websites in the world using its platform. Recently, it surveyed its community to better understand what they love, what they hate, and what they want to see in 2012.

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  • WordPress Releases v3.3, Focuses on Users & Developers

    Popular web content management platform WordPress has announced a new release. Version 3.3, affectionately code named Sonny in honor of jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt, provides notable improvements to overall usability and support for the iPad. WordPress 3.3 The latest release is the third major enhancement to the 3.

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  • WordPress 3.3 Adds HTML5 Media Uploader

    The first beta of WordPress version 3.3 is officially here for the taking. Among the most exciting improvements is a new drag-and-drop HTML5 media uploader.  Out with the Old  Previously, WordPress used the standard file selection process (I think we're all familiar with how that works) to upload files.

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