Amidst a flurry of beta trial, WordPress 2.7 finally comes to realization. Automattic, the driving force behind has announced they are releasing the newest version of the blogging platform, version 2.7, Thursday, December 4th (that would be today) on

The new version sports a large list of new features that show how WordPress is transforming itself from a blogging platform, into a full-fledged Web CMS. Everything from batch editing to a redesigned admin interface are on the list of changes. 

The scheduled release time for WordPress 2.7 is 5pm PST. That translates into 1am Friday in London (UTC), 8am Friday in Jakarta and noon on Friday in Sydney. Now this does not mean that WordPress 2.7 is ready for download, but you can get the first candidate for download here.

There has not been a set date for the full release of a stable version for download, but with the release on, it can’t be far off. 

5 Top New Features of WordPress 2.7

As stated, there is a fairly long list of changes being made to WP. But there are some that simply top the list.

Customizable Display

  • Drag and Drop – Put the stuff where you want it
  • Open and Close – Manage your content and comments without having extraneous items in your way


  • QuickPress – Post quickly and easily right from the dashboard for short posts
  • Recent Comments – With the new module you can now manage and administrate your comments right from the dashboard

WordPress 2.7 Dashboard


  •  Batch Edit – Change author, publish status, add categories to multiple posts with one fell swoop

This is far from the whole list of changes to WordPress 2.7, but these are some amazing changes that will expedite managing your content, comments and more.

See more about it here:

If you’re a user, you get access soon. If you are a self-hosted WP user, it might not be a bad idea to quickly set up a blog to get a good feel for the changes prior to the official upgrade is available for download.

Either way WordPress is moving from blog platform to web CMS and isn’t looking back.