WordPress 2.9 Takes Aim at Multi Media

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wordpress 2.9
Things are moving pretty quickly in the Web CMS world, as usual. Accordingly, hot on the heels of WordPress 2.8 comes an announcement about 2.9. With the upcoming version already in the development process, the team behind the highly popular blogging platform dropped a few hints on us last week about which direction the future is taking them in.

A sizable chunk of the WordPress audience recently expressed the desire for more/better media features. As a result, version 2.9 will reportedly come with an infrastructure better equipped for media handling.

Learning Opportunities

In order to determine exactly what WordPress users wanted to see the most, the development team posted some possible features on their blog and told anyone and everyone to vote. Included in the list of possibilities: Flickr-like photostream, a revised media UI, bulk media input API, media albums, easier embeds, better media settings and custom image sizes, among others. Unfortunately the survey is already closed, but word on the 'Press street is that a more solid list of the anticipated 2.9 features will be posted some time this month, after the priority has been determined.

Naturally, the number of contributing developers will play a large part in the process, so if you’ve ever thought about taking a dip in the WordPress development pool, now is the time. Developer chats are held each Wednesday in the WordPress IRC channel (irc.freenode.com #wordpress-dev) at 9 PM UTC (5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific). Not a developer? Don't worry, you can still keep tabs on the latest and greatest WordPress news here.