Communication is key in any relationship, including those between plugin authors and plugin users. Promoting such healthy unions is team WordPress (news, site), who recently announced some improvements made to their changelogs in order to further detail the changes made between versions.

"We feel that all software should have a changelog that details, at a high level, what changes have been made in each version so that the user can make an informed decision about when to upgrade and how much testing they should do with their site," said Peter Westwood, Lead Developer, WordPress.

Specifically, the development team has added support for a Changelog section in the plugin readme.txt file. This information is then displayed as its own little tab in the plugin directory, and also in the back-end of the user's WordPress blog.

The team delicately pointed out that a large number of plugin authors aren't leaving notes on the reasons behind changes to subversion plugin repositories. Not helpful folks, not helpful at all.

We think the message here is pretty clear: If you want to be a contributing member of the Web CMS society, take a few minutes out of your day to provide for the people who take a few minutes out of their day to familiarize themselves with your work. Even-steven.