Google touts the whole of its Chrome browser as simple, quick and efficient, but there are a lot of nifty supporting features that don't get much spotlight time. Here are 5 that are sure to help you work better and faster: 

1. Pin Tab 

Pin Tab is a great feature for those of you that often have a large number of tabs open. Pick the pages that you want to keep consistently open (like Gmail) and right click the corresponding tab. Select 'Pin tab' from the menu and the tab will shrink down to just the site's favicon (on the far left): 


(In Gmail's case, the tiny tab will glow if you have awaiting e-mails.)

2. Task Manager

Because Chrome treats each tab as a separate process, you can kill problematic pages without crashing the entire browser.  Pull up the built-in task manager by pressing Shift+ESC. This will enable you to see the memory and CPU resources consumed by each tab, as well as close them individually:


3. Text Only Paste

When you copy a bunch of text from a webpage, all that pesky HTML and CSS stuff usually sticks around when you paste it into a new field. For example, here's me trying to paste some CMSWire text into a Tumblr post: 


Bleck. This doesn't match the look and feel of my personal blog at all. With Chrome, I can remove all that embedded style by pressing CTRL+Shift+V instead of just CTRL+V: 


Omnibox - calculation

 4. Address Bar Site Search

If you've searched a website in the past, the next time you can do so directly from Chrome’s address bar. Type the first few letters of a website address in the address bar, like "CMSW" and then hit the Tab key. You’ll get a “Search” option that will allow you to search our site:


5. Drag and Drop Downloaded Files

You can drag downloaded files from Chrome to any place you want, meaning you don’t need to select a location each time you download:


Know of any other cool Chrome features? Let us know in the comments below.