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  • Adobe Flash start up screen

    HTML5 - and Adobe - Finally Kill Off Flash

    Finally, after years of external pressure, Adobe announced a timeline for the decommissioning of its Flash platform. The company has been working with the web browser teams at Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple to make the demise as painless as possible.

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  • Still Using IE8 or IE9? It's Time to Stop

    Here's one more thing to add to your End-of-the-Year to-do list: If you're still using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) or IE9 upgrade to the latest version (IE11), particularly if you're using Office 365. Microsoft warned customers about way back in August 2014  that it would stop support for both browsers

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  • 5 Very Cool Underused Chrome Features

    Google touts the whole of its Chrome browser as simple, quick and efficient, but there are a lot of nifty supporting features that don't get much spotlight time. Here are 5 that are sure to help you work better and faster:  1.

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  • Want IE9? You'll Need an Unreleased Service Pack with That

    Microsoft played the schoolyard bully this week when an FAQ post indicated that the upcoming IE9 browser will not run without the not-yet-released Windows 7 Service Pack 1.  Yeah, you read that right. You need an un released service pack to run IE9.

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  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 Beta Has Arrived

    Welcome back to the browser wars, Internet Explorer 9 is here! Along with beauty and speed, Microsoft's beta version of the browser -- released today -- promises to set websites free from their chains.

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  • Chromium 7 Has Arrived and It's Not that Awesome

    Team Google set the bar pretty high when they said a new version of Google Chrome would be out every six weeks, but so far they're delivering on their word.

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  • Safari 4 Beta Goes Public, Chrome Comparisons Abound

    Early on Tuesday, Apple slapped an unannounced release of Safari 4 Beta on the table, and the entire Internet subsequently went bananas. We’ve taken it for a test drive and right off the cuff it feels natural to compare Safari’s upgrades to the features in Google Chrome. In fact,

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