Crafter Software Introduces Profile, Social for WCM

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Crafter Profile, Web Content Management
Another web content management software vendor wants to add a few dollars to the US$ 1.2 billion industry. 

Race to improve WCM

Crafter Software Corp. of Reston, Va., announced this week two new modules of its Crafter Web Content and Experience Management solution -- Crafter Profile and Crafter Social, tools that empower users and businesses by adding user interactivity and social engagement to next generation enterprise websites and mobile apps. 

The news comes on the heels of the July Gartner MQ for WCM 2013 report that indicates many organizations desire a better business impact from their online presence. And that, of course, means more demands coming out of their WCM. 

Ultimately, if you want better customer experience management, e-commerce, digital marketing, multichannel marketing and website consolidation, you’re collaborating inside your organization to improve your WCM. Gartner expects growth in 2013 at 12 percent, and that means we’ll have a business worth US$ 1.4 billion by next year.

Crafter Profile and Social highlights

Crafter Profile aims to have website developers easily add user login and user profile management to website applications, create secure login features and gather user profile information for use in targeting and personalization. It also provides user login via social media channels: logins through Facebook, Twitter, and/or other social network credentials. 

Crafter Social allows website developers to add social engagement features to website applications, including comments, ratings, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, and more. Both modules are open source, Java-based solutions. Crafter Social is integrated with Crafter Profile.

“Engagement is the name of the game for businesses aiming to improve their web and mobile presence,” Mike Vertal, CEO of Crafter Software, said in a release. 

Learning Opportunities

Solution offerings

Crafter Profile and Crafter Social are built on MongoDB.

In Profile, that features:

  • Multi-tenant profile attribute store
  • Admin console for user profile management 
  • Chained authentication with any existing authentication services including Active Directory, TAM, Crowd, Open Social

In Social, that includes:

  • Highly scalable, multi-tenant social content repository that can support any type of user-generated content
  • Supported hierarchical structures as fine grained permissions
  • Admin console for management and moderation
  • Out of the box models for common UGC, such as threaded comments, ratings, blogs, and discussion forums

Bottom-line WCM Speak

Vision is important for WCM vendor-hunters. Does your vendor have a vision and a strategic plan? Can it anticipate, direct and initiate market trends?

Ultimately, those in the market for WCM vendors want execution. And that, according to Gartner, boils down to this question: will a vendor sell and support its WCM products and services globally?

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