Human Factors Webcast
Creating a successful e-commerce experience can be tricky. Making it engaging can be downright challenging. Keeping up with the evolving web skills and demands of online customers often means upgrading technology and making sites more interactive -- but at what cost? And who's time? And for what? Having a better understanding of how to execute a strategic approach to an engaging e-commerce experience is the key. Thank goodness then for Human Factors International (HFI). They will be hosting a free, live webcast on Thursday, June 26 at 3:30 PM (EST) about Optimizing e-commerce UX: Create websites that empower customers, are effortless to use and create a joyful shopping experience. Co-hosted by Phil Goddard, vice president of Western Region – HFI and Sean McLeary, Project Director – HFI, they'll tackle the challenges of adopting new technology without losing customers, as well as thinking 'outside the box' in pursuit of better customer experiences. In addition, they'll aim to explore the different ways you can: * Empower customers to learn or interact with the product space fully * Build effortlessness into the shopping experience * Create a joyful shopping experience Participants will learn how to: * Show a product online and cross-sell effectively * Design easy-to-use checkout processes * Handle "psychological chokepoints" to optimize access to "huge product inventories with highly interactive filtering and comparison features" * Work in rapid development cycles to gain internal buy-in for usability research After illustrating how HFI's metrics-based scorecards capture e-commerce best practices, Phil and Sean will also show examples from sites that achieved the highest scores across the "Five Dimensions of User Experience." Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions in real time, as well as be able to view audio/video and slides during the webcast. E-commerce needn't be a daunting endeavor; mark your calendars or sign up for an online reminder. You can even prepare in advance by reading their free white paper.