Optimize Brand Advertising with New VideoEgg Solution
Amidst our declining economy, online advertising is taking it on the nose. Fairing better than print advertisers,  these advertisers are still struggling to capture attention and follow through. Hoping to remedy the situation, VideoEgg, a new kind of rich media ad network, has announced AttentionRank, an innovative ad delivery approach to optimize the placement of brand advertising and maximize user attention and engagement. 

Analyzing Attention

AttentionRank is a systematic approach that identifies when and where users are most receptive to a brand’s message -- evaluating media not on an impression basis but on its ability to capture attention. It is able to discern such information by zeroing in on three keys factors:

  • Engagement with the ad
  • Time spent with a brand message 
  • Secondary user actions such as click-through rates

VideoEgg's analysis aims to shed light so as to better understand where to place brand messages to capture user attention, something they claim can increase the time users spend with an advertisers’ content by an average of 15 percent.

This approach can help companies provide brand advertisers more time spent with their content, as well insight into how time on page, ad size and placement, content and user mode influences the attention value of media.

Fighting for Attention

Advertising in general is always iffy during tough economic times, but factor in a shift to new media platforms where users are able to control their access to advertisements, like DVRs and Internet, and well, things can get ugly.

These types of "cultural changes" are what Matt Sanchez, CEO of VideoEgg thinks makes it "more important than ever for brands to connect with their audience when they are the most open to considering a brand message.”

Measuring Success

Working with more than 400 of the largest brand advertisers, such as Unilever, Nike and BMW, and delivering over 1,500+ campaigns to date, AttentionRank has reported early successes which indicate increases in time spent with advertising content across three major brand categories: packaged goods advertiser (+18%), major automotive advertiser (+13.2) and global apparel advertiser (+12.3).

Designed to fit any digital format and platform, engagement doesn’t begin until a user rolls over the ad and the AdFrames invitation has expanded into a full-screen overlay. In addition, advertisers don’t pay until the full-screen advertising experience has begun.

Learn more at www.videoegg.com/adnetwork.