ShoZu Brings New Social Media Goodies for iPhone
ShoZu Ltd., a provider of mobile social media services, announced a new edition of its free social media application for iPhone and iPod Touch. The enhanced version is all about web 2.0 and offers easy photo uploading, blogging, geo-tagging and mobile interaction with more than 50 social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Google Blogger, Picasa Web Albums and Twitter.Not so long ago, Juniper Research has given the top place in the Future Mobile Awards to ShoZu. And Shozu ran wild, connecting the mobile social media dots with more persistence and enthusiasm than ever.

What’s New

In addition to the already existing features, ShoZu added the following to its product arsenal: * Text-only posts to blogging sites * Geo-tagging for photo uploads * High-resolution photo capture and upload * Faster application startup * Improved retrieval of new content feeds * Localized versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish ShoZu has also added new reliability features to ensure smoother photo uploads, easier addition of new Internet destinations and faster application speed overall.

Social Mobile Media's Immobility

Keeping up with your online social life on the go is not an easy task. Just the other day we were pondering about the future of web 2.0 and the mobile industry, but it seems that Shozu is ahead of the game with strong focus on strong mobile players – namely, the iPhone. The core ShoZu application for iPhone enables users to use social mobile media to its fullest extent. There is hardly any other mobile application that supports access to 50 online communities in a single interface, from a single handheld device. Perhaps, Motorola and Samsung (both ShoZu’s partners) will soon catch up with the ever-evolving mobile social ecosystem. As the importance (and/or popularity) of the mobile social media grows, we are sure to see more developments in this particular area. For now, enjoy ShoZu, if you’re an iPhone owner. ShoZu for iPhone is available as a free download from Apple’s App stores. And share your experiences with us!