Webtrends Boosts Multivariate Testing, Optimization With Widemile Acquisition

Webtrends (news, site) took over Widemile (site) to bolster its analytics systems by analyzing multiple statistics simultaneously. This allows for more thorough and faster analysis and optimization of a website's performance.

A Boost for the Stat Pack

Companies like nothing better than rafts of statistics, not only do they help make good charts in PowerPoint slides, but they provide essential information. In the Internet age, site statistics are the gold standard by which online businesses are measured.

Webtrends (which this week launched its new Analytics 9 package) is already well regarded and can provide the metrics for every link, image and word on a site.

Widemile, with its Optimize package, has been coming at the problem from another angle, looking at which combination of links, images and text is most likely to result in a click or sale. Online marketers can use this knowledge to create the best possible site or sales pitch that will result in the most hits. Test, optimize you content and start counting your leads pouring in, in other words.

Making the Best Site by the Numbers

By combining the power of Widemile's approach with Webtrends' analytics package, the process of developing, monitoring and improving a site can be handled by the resulting combination of product features.

Widemile provides a number of services, including the comparison of two sites set up to perform the same task, predictive analysis. A Flash-powered reporting engine provides answers that can be ported into spreadsheets, PDFs and eventually into those lovely PowerPoints.

With Webtrends' new commitment to quarterly new releases we would hope to see the Widemile technology bolted into the analytics package before the end of the year, subject to integration issues.

With at least one of the Widemiles' executives having previous experience at Webtrends, the tie-up does seem a rather natural progression.