Nstein (news, site) recently stepped up their relationship with evolve24, an analytics research firm in St. Louis. The collaboration gives evolve24 access to Nstein’s handy Sentiment Analysis module, allowing them to quickly determine an article’s overall tone for key insight into a company’s representation.  

"Reputations are built over time and are the response to actions taken by a corporation,” explained Scot Wheeler, Vice President of Strategy & Client Services for evolve24. “For example, reputation can be hurt by unaddressed negative responses to products and services, including poor customer support, regulatory or legislative issues, insensitive ad campaigns, or any perceived affront to an audience, while a new product announcement, a viral campaign or launch of user groups may create highly positive coverage in influential publications and blogs which will help build reputation.”

Wheeler estimates that one person at peak performance can detect the tone of 25 articles per hour. Nstien's technology will reportedly boost that number to tens of thousands of pieces of content per day and still require only one person to manually test and verify results. 

“We are thrilled that evolve24 continues to expand its relationship with Nstein”, said Nstein CTO Jean-Michel Texier, “This collaboration allow us to deepen our knowledge of marketing decision support systems and accelerate the reinforcement of our technological offering in opinion mining and automated brand monitoring.”

Want your reputation measured? Check out evolve24's site here