Together, Nstein and Endeca Explore Faceted Search and Unstructured Content

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Together, Nstein and Endeca Explore Faceted Search and Unstructured Content
Endeca (news, site), the search applications company that kicked out an Information Access platform earlier this year, is stepping it up a notch.

Through theexpansion of their Extend Partner Program, Endeca hopes customers will find it easier to integrate text analytics with said platform.On board with their endeavor is a name our readership might me more familiar with: Nstein.

Endeca Extend

The Endeca Extend program allows the company's partners to offer extracted meta-data to their customers. Extracted meta-data provides:

  • New avenues into Guided Navigation
  • Cluster-related topics
  • Landing pages
  • Improved search relevancy

Why is this awesome? Think about publishers. If they can develop targeted landing pages or offer their consumers more relevant content via extracted themes, now isn't that just good for everyone? 

Moreover, Endeca customers can run their data through an Endeca Extend partner solution, extract additional meta-data elements, and tack them onto the original content. You'd need the know-how of course, but once that's covered such capabilties have the potential to lower integration costs in addition to enhancing content. 

Endeca + Nstein

As an apparent Endeca fankid, Nstein Technologies recently announced that it has joined the Endeca Extend partner program. For all you Nstein users, this is probably a good thing.  

Learning Opportunities

Through Endeca's Content Acquisition System (CAS), Nstein can now build integrations to a public application-programming interface (API) supported by Endeca. Nstein also now offers their customers the integration of Endeca records for the unrestricted exploration of unstructured content.

Through this integrated search, navigation, text mining mashup, joint customers will presumably be able to offer their audiences a streamlined experience, better SEO, automated workflows, and all the usual razzle dazzle we've come to expect from partnerships

“Endeca and our business partners solve specific high-ROI business problems with lower cost-of-ownership, faster time-to-results, and greater value than any alternative,” said Jason Purcell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Endeca. “Through our partnership with Nstein, our customers can seamlessly integrate our complementary technologies to help customers make better choices online and employees make better daily decisions.”

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