One of the announcements that has caused some considerable interest at COLLABORATE 10 is that Oracle (news, site ) is offering support for Siebel CRM for iPad.

Combining Oracle’s REST API and Apple's iPhone OS SDK, Oracle’s CRM customers will be to access data located in their CRM in real-time from the iPad. They will also be able to build and deploy their own CRM applications.

Since Oracle CRM on-demand was integrated with the on-premise deployment, Oracle’s CRM creates a single customer view by synchronizing key data from Oracle CRM On Demand with Siebel CRM.

Just recently, Oracle upgraded its on-demand CRM to include advanced business analytics and forecasting abilities to better measure and increase enterprise productivity.

However, the bottom line here is the ability for enterprises to not only make general forecasts about future enterprise performance, but to give in-depth analysis of what channels are performing well.

Enhancements also included the ability to take historical and current forecasts, put them together with real time information and make new forecasts of ideal-world scenarios, actual achievements and quota forecasts.

Details on how the application will work are still sketchy so if you want to see more, Oracle said it is providing a recorded demo of the sample application.