This week Google fans got an update to the Social Search feature, a tweak to their chat lists and what might be a peek into Android's future.

Google Rolls Out Social Search to More Languages, Locales

Uncle G's social search feature is now open worldwide with 19 additional languages.

Google's Social Search, which started as an experimental feature, brings social-related content from your networks into search results. This includes blog posts, Twitter feeds, bookmarked items and the like.

The update comes at a crucial time, as Microsoft and Facebook have formed a sort of alliance. As a result, Bing fully integrates Facebook results into its own social search pool -- a feature which Google has always lacked.

Plugging AIM Into Gmail

Gmail's messaging tool was tweaked this week in order to allow Google users to chat with their AIM buddies without having to create an AOL account. Previously, Gmail users could log into their AIM accounts within Gchat.

All existing AIM contacts will need to be re-added inGmail, though AOL has provided a tool that automates this.

The move builds on a messaging partnership with AOL that dates back to 2005. The changes affect Gmail, Orkut, iGoogle and Google Talk on Android Phones services.

Learning Opportunities

Google Acquires Modu Mobile Patents

In what could be a planned effort to improve the Android pool, the Internet giant reportedly shelled out US$ 4.9 million this week for the patents of a now-defunct company called Modu.

Founded in 2007, Modu once sold a lightweight phone with different cases that could expand its functionality.

On its own, the Modu phone can only perform basic activities, but placed in a case, it could feature such perks as a keyboard and a full set of navigation controls.

The idea is interesting but a little bizarre, and who knows if the technology is headed for the Android world. Would you be interested?