Actiance has been busy regulating social conversations taking place across social media. From LinkedIn to Facebook, it  enables the automatic discovery of personal and corporate accounts all in an effort to monitor and archive content. This week, Actiance introduced Socialite Engage, a new platform designed to empower content sharing, customer engagement and impact analytics.

Get Empowered

Available in July, Socialite Engage lets users disseminate approved content to key connections and measure engagement and results for true social media return on investment.

Unlike previous social media regulatory initiatives, Socialite Engage targets investment and insurance professionals so they can distribute pre-approved content. It also lets all organizations manage social media securely and with confidence that they are protected, while letting users browse content by impact. By leveraging third party data sources, like internal systems and data feeds, Socialite Engage highlights channels that are the most effective and identifies potential sales leads.

Get Protected

Of course Actiance’s appeal is that works to make social media agreeable for those who are regulated by FINRA. Of course the recent political and celebrity figures that have been brought down by social media have companies searching for ways to keep their social media usage secure, while being able to empower individuals within sales, marketing, HR and customer support departments to communicate and engage with customers and prospects.

Get Involved

Social media’s power to influence, share and connect users is too big to overlook, but for industries subject to lots of regulation, it’s unfair to think that they shouldn’t benefit from social media’s impact. Actiance provides a robust solution aimed at helping advisors engage productively, efficiently and securely with their clients. As a result, companies can maximize networking efforts, without having to worry about sensitive information being leaked, sent or otherwise compromised.

Whether it’s required or not, monitoring your social media content effectively is something worth investing in.