Actiance (news, site), made strides to keep social media relevant and compliant for organizations when it partnered with LinkedIn last month. This week, the company is diving even further into the pool by monitoring Facebook Group, Fan and Personal pages in the same manner. 

Be a Safe Socialite

Actiance's (formerly known as FaceTime Communications) Socialite API grants direct access to Facebook, which enables the automatic discovery of personal and corporate Fan and Group pages to archive posted content, regardless of the device used to access the account. Administrator can also use Socialite to take down unwanted content, such as profanities and brand damaging comments. 

Essentially, the goal here is to ensure that all interactions with Facebook are under control, regardless of device or platform. Supported devices include Android, iOS, Symbian, webOS and BlackBerry operating systems.

"Smartphones and tablets have fundamentally changed the way individuals interact with popular social networking sites like Facebook and many of us rely on traditionally unprotected devices to access and update our profile, status and to share content rather than our corporate PC," said Sarah Carer, vice president at Actiance. "This activity is of the utmost concern for businesses, specifically those who are required to manage and archive all social media content in order to remain compliant with FINRA, FSA and other regulations."

Compliance is Key

It's becoming increasingly interesting to see how companies and industries are regulating their employees’ access to open platforms, as well as how they're dealing with the challenge of brand management in an age when the customer has more control than ever. 

Actiance is becoming particularly innovative in this area, as the company now offers ways to control and monitor activity on two very popular platforms. (Check out their partnership with LinkedIn here.) Obviously, this is great news for businesses that wish to regain some control via custom policies. 

We wonder, could Twitter be next? 

Check out the tool for yourself here