Among the trends predicted for business to business marketing in 2011, a focus on intelligence and transparency tops the list. This week, a few companies that provide technologies aimed at driving marketing performance for B2B have unveiled some useful tools that live up to the forecasted trends.

Demandbase Identifies One Billion IP Addresses

Demandbase announced that its Real-Time Identification service can now accurately identify more than one billion IP addresses, matching them to over seven million businesses, representing more than 75 percent of all business web traffic across North America and Europe.

Using a customizable API that easily plugs in to existing marketing technologies like marketing automation, CRM, web analytics, chat and CMS platforms, companies can get a more in-depth look at those visiting their website.

With more than 20 fields of data, including a recently added flag for visitors from Fortune 1000 and Forbes Global 2000 business, as well as the URL address for the visiting company, companies armed with advanced intelligence about users can optimize web conversion and make online marketing efforts more effective.

Marketo Shows Marketers How to Score

Marketo, a global leader in Revenue Performance Management solutions announced the availability of The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring. The guide was developed by Marketo and provides best practices for turning a lead scoring theory into business-building practices.

Lest you think that these best practices are based on limited number of customer experience, the guide’s practices were developed according to Marketo’s work with more than 750 customers over the last three and a half years.

The guide provides advice on creating effective scoring models -- how to utilize the budget, authority, need and timeframe (BANT) process to determine sales readiness for beginners and advanced scoring strategies that include product scoring, account scoring and score degradation.

Learning Opportunities

The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring comes in e-book format and is available at no cost to marketers and sales executives.

SoftChoice Examines Digital Habits

Softchoice Corporation, an IT solutions provider released a new study which examines digital media consumption among B2B IT professionals. Digital Habits in B2B IT: 10 Tips for IT Marketers addresses the use of social media, video and mobile devices to conduct research, as well as on-the-job access and use of online resources among varying sized businesses.

The study, which surveyed 1,444 individuals from more than 1,230 U.S. and Canadian small, mid-market, enterprise-size state and local governments and educational institutions found that 48 percent of respondents specified online forums, communities and blogs as the most useful sources of information, while 25 percent specified IT media.

In addition, employees at small and medium-sized organizations were more likely to have access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and to use video for research and learning compared to larger enterprises. Such findings are bound to shed insight as marketers navigate the B2B IT digital media landscape in 2011.

The study is available online and there is a video associated with study as well.