Badgeville Aims to Define the Future of Web Loyalty
If you want a solid audience for your site, Web engagement is no-brainer. However, many site owners are scratching their heads over how exactly to promote it.  Enter Badgeville, a platform designed to increase, maintain and influence loyalty through free social rewards and analytics. 

Web-Based Loyalty

First seen at this year's TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Badgeville's web-based loyalty program basically aims to create a longstanding and healthy audience by rewarding each site visitor  for their engagement. 

Here's how it works: First, define which behaviors you want to encourage on your site. These can range from comments, filling out a profile, return visits, clicking that infamous "like" button, and so on. Next, set up a point system for each of these behaviors. For example, you can make leaving a comment worth five points, and "liking" it worth one point. Lastly, create badges and trophies (yes, just like Foursquare) to reward these behaviors, and define how many points it takes to achieve them. 




"With a loyalty program, site owners have the power to influence their audience and guide them to desired actions," explained team Badgeville. "By integrating your website with the best elements of popular social games and rewards psychology, such as badges and points, you have a powerful new opportunity to increase user loyalty and traffic."

Sharing Behavior is Caring

Make no mistake: Badgeville isn't solely about points and trophies. The platform is a new take on community management because it shares a company's goals in order to influence -- or even change -- audience behavior.

Pushing this idea is Badgeville's CEO and Founder, Kris Duggan. "If you really care about your audience, share your goals with them and recognize them for what they do," he said in a phone interview. 

Optimizing through Analytics

Badgeville simultaneously offers an analytics tool that lends site owners insight into user behavior. 

"Ideally this analytics program should sync up with your rewards platform so you can continue to track your accomplishments system and add new reward triggers based on what you learn," continued the Badgeville team. "Track behaviors, not raw traffic."


Community + Content

The platform aims to leverage recognition and align communities alongside content for publishers of all sizes. Immediately, we can see this being a big hit for online news publications, or expert communities of any discipline. 

If you're interested, there are a couple ways you can integrate the solution (turnkey widgets/flexible API) and, like any good tool these days, Badgeville also offers Facebook and Twitter integration. 

Check out the details here