Endeca Spotlights Customer Experience Mgmt with InFront
This week Endeca (news, site) rolled out InFront this week, a brand spankin' new customer experience management platform. With the future in mind, the features mainly enable businesses to deliver targeted customer experiences to any channel. 

Addressing the Future

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know as well as the next guy that the number of devices used to access information is increasing. 

Also keen on this fact is Forrester Research. In January of this year the organization released a report entitled “2011 Customer Experience Predictions" which stated the following: “In 2011, the customer experience ecosystem will expand to include a dizzying array of new devices, touch points, and physical interactions. The breadth of this emerging ecosystem and the number of consumers engaged at each touchpoint will have significant influence on the daily workings of most organisations…”

InFront aims to address this shift by highlighting a few key areas:

Multichannel – InFront Social, InFront Mobile and SEO solutions deliver content rich experiences across all channels to enhance engagement and brand loyalty. 

Learning Opportunities

Insights – InFront Intelligence, Endeca’s Agile BI solution for eBusiness, enables business teams to gain actionable insight into the performance of digital and in-store merchandising strategies, product performance, and customer sentiment. 

Agility – A boost to the InFront MDEX and Content Acquisition System enablea exploration and discovery across content and data. Enhancements including better relevancy ranking support and transparency into search and navigation results.

“InFront allows businesses to create greater customer engagement with richer content and promotions,” explained Jason Purcell, General Manager, eBusiness, Endeca. “With integrated analytics and agile business user tools, InFront adapts to changing market needs, influences customer behavior across channels, and scales a relevant, personalised experience for every customer, every time.”

The platform is immediately available for early access. For more info, check out the company's product page here.